Abandoned at Birth for Being ‘Ugly’, He Now Knows Real Reason ‘God Gave Him’ Deformed Face



After years of living in isolation, depressed about his physical appearance, Jono Lancaster has found his purpose. He’s on a mission to educate the world about Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the bone structure of the face.

Lancaster’s birth parents were unable to cope with the thought of raising a child with Treacher Collins. They rejected their baby when he was just 36 hours old.


A woman named Jean Lancaster took him into her home, raised him as her own, and officially adopted him at age five. As Lancaster grew, he came to hate seeing the wounds on his mother’s face every time someone taunted him or bullied him to the point of tears.

Lancaster, wanting to protect his beloved mother from a cruel world, learned to hide his feelings. He found himself drifting further and further into isolation, depression, and anger that he couldn’t change the way he looked.

Source: He Was Abandoned By His Parents For Being Ugly And Now He Is a HERO! – Jono Lancaster by nollygrio on Rumble


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