VIDEO: Trump Accepts White House Mowing Volunteer; Left Loses It’s Mind!


A new tradition has started in the White House: reading aloud some letters President Trump has received from children. One letter had to do with a 10-year-old entrepreneur who wanted to cut the White House lawn for free, even though he usually charges $8.

The letter read:

President Trump took him up on the offer and visited with Frank and his Dad while he mowed. It was a heartwarming picture of a guy who really does care about kids and American values and goals. He knows that to encourage a young person in working is one of the best things you can do for their development.

What was crazy was the reaction from the left to what he was doing. Here is an example:








Can you believe what that moron is saying in the tweet? IDIOT! Here is what actually took place:


Keep it up Mr. President! This is why we like you and we DON’T like mealy-mouthed politically correct politicians. God Bless you and America.

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