VIDEO: Miami Hit By Irma; Footlocker Hit By Looters


Well, well, well. Here are some fine residents of Miami recognizing and taking advantage of a business opportunity. They are doing what, unfortunately, human nature is most likely to lead one to do. That’s right folks… people are not born innocent not altruistic. They are basically not good normally.

We didn’t see that much of this in Texas although you can guarantee it happened. One of the reasons that it didn’t happen much is that in Texas we still have reasonable people that would not blame a business owner for protecting his property.

That’s right. If the people that did this were met by the barrel of a loaded gun they would think twice or maybe even thrice before continuing. Maybe in Florida that is no longer accepted after the constant influx of immigrants from the NE of the USA where guns are the problem and bad.

We think there are probably good folks helping each other in Florida too but the next time some sappy talking head comes on the air and talks about man’s love for his fellow man just remember that the rule of law is established by God…not by your fellow man. He sets up our leaders…not ANTIFA.

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