VIDEO: Some Concertgoers Came To Rescue As Bullets Rained Down In Vegas


Well we have another mass shooting that broke out in Las Vegas over the weekend. The police are quick to call it a “lone wolf” shooting. One of the reasons I think authorities are so ready to do this is that it absolves them of a major part of the responsibility for uncovering the possibility of it happening.

Another thing that happened is that ISIS claimed the man was a soldier for them and in the recent months had converted to Islam. No proof there yet.

He had been gambling heavily for weeks to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in one day. Maybe he was mad at the world after losing a lot of money. Maybe he was mad at Rick and the other Pawn Stars because they didn’t want to give him enough money for a treasured item.

Another theory is that the guy was targeting Republicans since he attacked a country music concert of which fans tend to be Republicans. However, reporters theorize since he was a hunter that he also may have been a Republican. There is a lot of speculation out there.

One thing that is always sure in this is that leftist democrats will always use them to advocate “gun control”. Of course, this a palatable way of saying gun ban. We know that gun free zones only make the death tolls go higher because no one can defend themselves.

The good news is that there were retired and off duty first responders there that were able to save lives through cool headed quick action. One thing is for sure! Shelter in place is fatal!

My advice would be to stay away from large gatherings in general. If you don’t like to be shoved around by thousands of random people, like me, this is easy to do. However, the best thing is to remain vigilant and pray for the victims.

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