VIDEO: Islam Condemns Pedophilia; It’s In The Koran!


There is no question that Islam condemns pedophilia.This video has some interesting points about Islam and what it truly teaches in the Koran about the definition of pedophilia. It is unbiased and without opinion, just the facts of what is in the Koran. It is also agreed upon by Koranic scholars and teachers. It isn’t up for discussion or dispute because it is actually in the holy book of Islam.

It is in cartoon format and no likenesses are used so no one can say that there is an attempt to represent Mohammed. It does, however, use his actions and words as an example to the faithful in Islam. It is very illuminating and informative. If you don’t like what it says you are welcome to make a comment below.

However, if you say it isn’t true then be prepared to have facts to dispute it rather than just gainsay it. Whatever you think these are the facts and this is actual history that, again, Islamic scholars agree on. It isn’t propaganda but truth in an informative medium.


What is apparent is that Islam condemns pedophilia, below the age of six. We don’t have an opinion other than what is fact. How do you feel about it? Comment below.

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  1. joe

    July 22, 2017 at 03:53

    koran 4/24 muslims can rape marry and divorce prepubescent girls

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