VIDEO: Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Pulls No Punches, Humiliates Obama and Liberals on Live TV


Television star, Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars), isn’t an overly political man. The hardworking man likes to play his cards close to his chest. However, he has broken his long political silence to talk about former President Barack Obama.

And as you might guess, he doesn’t have too many good things to say about our former commander and chief.

He works hard to provide for his family’s and according to him Obama made it that much more difficult. He says the two-faced Obama made it a “literally a nightmare” to own a small business.

“The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up.” he said, criticizing the media for its relentless attacks on President Trump.

If you can trust the pseudo news media about our “bipartisan hero”, Obama, he did an astounding job as President. But good ole Rick has a reality check for anyone who’s willing to listen.

“We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP,” he says.

In other words they cooked the books! Yup that’s right, Obama’s flunkies lied to us and spun it into some fairy floss to make it sound sweet. But now the repercussions are here.

Rick, like so many of us, wants Trump to get rid of Obama-nation-care and keep on the path to making us a great nation again.

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