VIDEO: Intolerant Democrat Snowflakes Still Up To Old Tricks; Putting Up Exclusionary Signs


Many decades ago, Democrats loved to play with signs. They plastered them on anything they could. If you could think of it, there was a probably a sign for telling people with darker skin what to do and where to go. One of these abundant Democrats who loved their signs was Bull Connor.

These signs were designed to make sure that “colored” people knew that their place was far away from the white Democrats who “love them” so much today. Ironically those Democrats used fire hoses and dogs on the black Republicans, like Martin Luther King Jr., who bravely confronted them their bigotry and spite.


Those courageous black Republicans marched with a number of white Christian abolitionists, who were also Republicans, to put an end to the evil of racism spread over the nation. No surprise, over time, the Democrats successfully wiped clean their involvement with their deeply seeded racist past.

They used their lying tongues to shift the blame over to the Republicans and as expected Republicans haven’t been smart enough or aggressive enough, to fight the lies, even though very few Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It would never have passed without 100% Republican support. But that’s old news, right?

But here’s what are the Democrats up to today? Going back to their roots in arts and crafts, they’ve gone back into the sign-posting business again. It seems that they’re putting signs wherever the eye can see to let us know we can’t sit with them. Here is one thing they can’t tolerate!

But they’re be sneakier about it this time around. Here is just a few you may start to see in some of your favorite spots now. While they’re tearing down statues they are putting up more intolerant signs.

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