LOOK: Hannah Ferguson’s SI Body Paint Leaves NOTHING To Imagination! (Video)


There are a lot of things you can say about Hannah Ferguson but unsexy is not one of them. She showed that she was adventurous by wearing a “body paint suit” that shows off everything she’s got. And what she has a beautiful body, sexy face and a lot of courage.

In addition to courage she has tenacity, because it takes hours to apply the body paint scheme that she is “wearing” and she must remain relatively motionless. As anyone knows, that is more stressful and difficult than moving around. You can imagine the problems that a Mona Lisa had with being in the same position for hours at a time for days on end.

Of course, Hannah is being very well paid for her gig here. Something you would not assume was happening back in Mona’s day. We will never know who that haunting smile belongs to but we do know for sure that Hannah Ferguson is the star of this Sports Illustrated shoot and video.


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