They Say Gals With Glasses Are Nerdy…Not Always…Look At These (Video)


I guess everyone is thinking about Margaret From Dennis The Menace or someone like that when they think about gals with glasses being nerds. Certainly, Family guy hasn’t done the stereotype much good with Meg Griffin. She’s terrible…

However, we guys know that all of us have that secret fantasy of the hot librarian that comes into the back stacks with us and as we are looking for the book we need we turn around and she has peeled down to her intimate apparel and is smoking hot under her prim and proper exterior!

Whew! Almost had to take a cold shower after thinking about that.

We want to honor that thought that all guys have had when daydreaming in the library by presenting this collection of lovely ladies wearing glasses that are definite not nerds.

I’m sure you have an opinion on these gals and there are some of you out there lucky enough to have one of these beauties. Congratulations and enjoy!

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  1. Robert Goldenstein

    September 6, 2017 at 13:11

    OK let`s do this

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