VIDEO: ANTIFA Punk Kicks Tear Gas Canister, Gives Hilarious New Meaning To “Pepper Balls”


Warning: This article contains off color language that could offend delicate readers.

It was a wild and wooly night in Phoenix on Tuesday night, as the president once again gave a humdinger of a speech.

Outside, despite Trump’s assurances to the contrary, antifa forces had surrounded the event and were engaging in the typical illegal shenanigans.

Fortunately, one protester was there to provide comedy of sorts.

Screenshot: CBS 5/Twitter

This guy. He’s already internet famous.

Watch his form as he kicks a tear gas grenade back at the cops. He must be an immigrant with a soccer kick like that!

CBS 5/Twitter/IJR.com

Seconds later: He should have headed it!

CBS 5/Twitter/IJR.com

As the voiceover in the video notes, he was hit “right in the nuts.” Ouch.

CBS 5/Twitter/IJR.com

It doesn’t appear like it was a rubber bullet like the Phoenix reporter claims, but possibly the return fire of a tear gas canister. Hardest hit?

Look at who shows up to rescue him…guess he cut his ‘fro


Screenshot: CBS 5/Twitter

Nahhhhhh…it’s not him

Note to Antifa idiots…don’t stand alone out in the open because you become what is known as a “target”. Also wear a cup.

Everyone on Twitter noticed: He was not a lucky “protester” last night.

Nowhere but the internet folks.

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