WATCH VIDEO: LPGA Hot Golfer Says “They Can’t Handle B___bies”


Page Spiranac may not go down as the best pro golfer in LPGA history but she certainly may vie for the sexiest! However, the LPGA has decided that semi revealing clothing during tournaments is definitely out! It is a clear case of women being jealous of someone else that gets more attention due to their looks and figure. Anna Kournikova can testify to that in women’s tennis!

Of course, she has used her looks and figure to rocket to the top of internet popularity but she has also worked hard to achieve a great golf game and attitude of winning to go with it.

I for one think that the LPGA is somewhat ridiculous but then so is the PGA. Male golfers aren’t allowed to wear shorts or shirts without collars. Golf has always been and will always be a conservative sport.

However, if they want more people to watch LPGA golf, softening the image of the butch lady golfer could go a long way to achieving it.


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  1. robert goldenstein

    September 2, 2017 at 11:10

    I`m liking this

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