Hillary Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice! Trump Shouldn’t Worry But She Should!



Even though the democrats are working to have the economy and country fail Trump is winning. Employment is up, GNP is growing at 2.6% and illegal immigration is down!

All they have is the Russian connection which is looking more and more like a Hillary setup job. Don’t think she isn’t capable of that, remember she was kicked off the Watergate Committee case for unethical and illegal practices in going after Nixon.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots. However, the meetings and subterfuge that Hillary’s campaign had with the Ukrainians is now a matter of public record…nothing to see here. Hillary is well known to have been on the take form numerous foreign governments through her foundation when she was SOS.

All of this because they had their rattle taken away and are acting like a spoiled baby. She was the worst candidate since George McGovern. Trump had no need to cheat with or without Russians. She did the cheating and still is lying about the election because IT WAS ALL HER FAULT!

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