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VIDEO: Brad Sherman (D) Introduces Articles Of Impeachment On Trump; Tucker Carlson Pwns Him


Most of the snowflake media is portraying this as the beginning of the end. Impeachment has been proposed by a Russian descendant. Hmmmm. I’m surprised that Maxine Waters has not called a press conference to say that she is on board with this. Uhhh…maybe because this guy is a kook burger. He is a complete goof and not at all even qualified to talk about chewing gum let alone legal issues.

Oh sure, he went to Harvard Law and got a JD there. Wow! No other leftist idiots have done that since Barak Obama. That in my book is something to be ashamed of. But enough about Harvard.

Even when Sherman gave interviews that were at CNN and other favorable leftist outlets he admitted it was to get the president to think and “govern in a more reasonable manner”. Is that what congress exists for? What is reasonable? Methinks it is in a manner that kook burgers from California would like. So, he admits that he is wasting time.

In addition, his true purpose is to get some votes by getting his mug on television as someone that hates Trump and is willing to embarrass himself in opposing him. I would also gues that he was having some trouble raising campaign money as this lawyer/accountant is pretty lackluster.

At any rate, enjoy watching Tucker Carlson take this pencil neck apart with logic and information…two things a liberal fears most! Too bad he can’t get Texas’ Al Green (D) on set.

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