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VIDEO: Rep Steve King (R) Has Refreshing Funding Source For Border Wall


It really is funny sometimes to watch the morons from the mainstream media go bat guano crazy over something that the US public obviously supports. Rep. Steve King, (R) Iowa has some really unique and, we think, refreshing ideas that are making liberal talker’s heads explode.

He wants to take the money (1.6 billion) from food stamps and Planned Parenthood. Whaaaaat? If that is done there will be people starving in the streets because he is removing the safety net from the neediest among us. More like a hammock. There are over $70.9 billion allocated to a bloated program that balloons the USDA budget.

Note the year the uptick began! If you live in a border city like mine you see the abuse of this with people wheeling in to stores in Cadillacs and Mercedes buying food with an EBT card. This is not to mention that programs like this incentivize staying out of the work force and illegal immigration. I mean come on man!!!

Planned Parenthood is nothing of the sort. They are a thinly veiled population control outfit that does nothing more than abortions and education programs on how to get them. They don’t give out birth control pills nor devices nor do they do mammograms. They were formed by racist Margaret Sanger.

They say that if Panned Parenthood weren’t there that women will die! Her idea of “helping” the black race was the same as PETA’s idea of how to “help” unwanted pets…KILL THEM. They both fund killing machines that are vast and appeal to the idea of not bringing an “unwanted” child into to world to suffer. It is one thing to have those beliefs but it is altogether another thing to ask and expect government to fund it. I mean come on man!

Enjoy the reaction of the CNN talking head here:

So we say cheers to Steve King who has the cojones to come on CNN and tell the truth about these organizations and to have the courage to actually shake the liberal’s cage so that their golden calf “caring” projects are exposed for what they really are.

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