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A Student Turned In Knife He Forgot To Principal—Result: Suspended


This is just a small example of the pinheads we have running public school systems these days. It brings to mind Carl Moss, the quaking, fearful, PC principal of Tom Landry Middle School in King of the Hill. It used to be a joke when he suspended Hank from his substitute shop teacher job for turning Bobby loose with a coping saw. This is how ridiculous these morons are now. They only enforce this crap on someone following the rules. The real bad guys never get punished.

A 13-year-old boy was suspended from his Pennsylvania school after discovering a knife in his pocket and immediately telling the principal. Thomas Ross Jr. had used the pocket knife to help his father open a cardboard box on Sunday before putting it in the pocket of his shorts, reports WTAE. Thomas wore the same shorts to Brownsville Area Middle School on Monday and, during his second period, realized the knife (Opposing Viewshas a photo) was still in his pocket. Thomas tells WTAE he immediately alerted the principal, only to receive a three-day suspension and a citation. Asks Thomas’ father: “Why is there zero tolerance on a child bringing a weapon by accident to school and then doing the right thing and turning it in?”

“The safety and well-being of our students and staff is paramount,” says Superintendent Keith Hartbauer. “We will follow our district’s policy, procedures, and solicitor’s recommendation regarding this discipline incident.” According to Hartbauer, district policy includes an automatic three-day suspension for students who bring a weapon to school. But Thomas’ father says he was told a possible 10-day suspension will be considered at a hearing on Thursday, despite the fact that his son has never been in trouble at school before. “He’s a typical kid. Don’t discipline a child for doing the right thing,” he says. Hartbauer says the hearing will allow school administrators to gather more information.

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