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VIDEO: Surprise!!! Peaceful Protests In St. Louis Turn Into Violent Riots


In St. Louis, MO protesting arose over the acquittal of Jason Stockley and are outraged about being abused by our boys in blue after they blocked a police transport van and started physically harassing police officers, and that’s the side of the protesters.

Several media outlets report that around 2:40 PM on Friday, protesters stood in front of a police transport bus loaded with fully geared officers, blocking its path.


As the bus tried to back up, a group of protesters stood behind the bus, blocking it from moving on. The group then started throwing things, from water bottles to rocks, at the bus.

As the riot ensued officers arrived to push them back, and one woman said that they began to push the officers back. That’s when another woman says that they were “maced by the police without any forewarning.”

The protesters admitted to circling the police bus and assaulting officers, but they are still playing the victim card.

Governor Eric Greitens had this to say about the ordeal, “I will protect people’s constitutional right to peacefully protest, but violence will not be tolerated. We will protect people’s lives, homes, and communities.”

What the governor should know is if you assault the police, they are allowed to use whatever force is needed to make it a “peaceful protest.”

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