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VIDEO: More Democrat Pedophiles! Why Are Their Crimes Always Ignored?


It seems when scandals hit the Republican party, Democrats won’t let us hear the end of it. But, when there are some top Democrats, like the Mayor of Seattle, that have been pressured into resigning in disgrace over the sexual assault of FIVE underaged children nobody wants to say a thing.

However, that is precisely what happened when Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray, announced his resignation.

Shockingly the victim this time was Murray’s own cousin, Joseph Dyer. He revealed that when Murray was in his mid 20’s he had sexually assaulted him when Dyer was only 13 years old.

But that wasn’t his only victim according to a media source:

“One of his other victims, Lloyd Anderson, was reportedly happy that Murray finally was forced to resign but sad that it took 5 young boys being sexually abused by a respected Democrat Mayor for it to happen.”

The scumbag has the audacity to deny these allegations, but more and more have come out over the decades and from people close to him. It seems these accusations are holding increasing weight as time goes on. It’s hard not to take the side of the victims with his resignation.

This is the kind of filth allowed to be in the Democrat Party. Perverts like Ed Murray and Anthony Weiner have shown how dangerous they can be.

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