Lou Dobbs Body Slams Paul Ryan!…VIDEO


Paul Ryan as well as Mitch McConnell should probably dust off their resumés because their approval rating is so low it has become embarrassing. They try to undermine Trump at every turn. Perhaps they are just doing early interviews to be hired by their favorite lobbyists.

Although the body slam was only figurative. After years of peddling influence Ryan especially has not clue how to react to or deal with someone who cares about the American people more than himself, money and most importantly “the party”. He just doesn’t get it.

So, no one should be surprised to learn that Lou Dobbs pretty much delivered the kill shot to Ryan’s popularity on his Fox Business News show. He didn’t hold anything back when letting him have both barrels.

He actually called him a hapless fool for criticizing Trump’s speed in making a deal with democrats on the continuing debt resolution and for not playing more politics with the democrats on the relief for Harvey and possibly Irma.

My God! People are suffering and this boob wants to hold up aid for them for nothing more than politics. I would say that hapless fool is the least of it!

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