New Apple Watch Is Great! Except It Doesn’t Work!


Apple’s new smartwatch went on sale Friday, but a major glitch has the tech giant running around like a headless chicken try to fix it. The new $399 watch was presumably able to allow users to connect to cellular networks while out and about, but connectivity issues have Apple on the wrong side of reviewers.

Long story short, it was unable to do basic tasks like, make calls, sending texts, or using Siri.  Apple realized it had a problem Wednesday, which is supposed to be fixed in a future software upgrade.

The reviews aren’t in Apple’s favor right now. The tech mogul seldom releases their new wares with major flaws like that, but they aren’t perfect. Remember Apple Maps back in 2012?

But it seems some still hold faith for the company, a writer for the Journal sees the watch “as a bellwether for the company’s ability to create new devices that diversify Apple’s revenue,” adding that it’s the first new product completely under CEO Tim Cook’s control.

However, Business Insider sees the bigger problem looming. “This is a sign that Apple has lost sight of the principle that led to its meteoric rise: Apple doesn’t sell technology for technology’s sake,” says Kif Leswing. “It figures out what people want to do … and provides technology to make it possible.”

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