GEORGE FOREMAN Lands A Knockout Blow Against Flag Hating Crybabies!


Lately, professional athlete from multiple franchises have shown absolute disrespect to our nation, our flag, and our President. George Foreman is not having it.

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and NBA player Kevin Durant have caused a storm with their disrespect. With Kaepernick almost single handily destroying the NFL when he took a knee in protest during the national anthem.

This lead waves and waves of boycotts by all audiences.

Resulting in ratings for the broadcasted games falling into oblivion, and audience attendance has left most of the stadiums with blocks and blocks of empty seats.

Kevin Durant has not done much better. He arrogantly claimed that should The Golden State Warriors are invited to the White House, he would shun and not attend.

Citing his reason as his lack of respect for the President.

While some fellow athletes have praised these disrespectful actions and even participated, George Foreman, the legendary boxer is giving his reaction to the situation.

He gave an interview on the Offended America Podcast. The former heavyweight champion put everyone who protested during the national anthem on blast.

The 68 year old legend stated that they were taking our country and its privileges for granted.

Calling them “sore losers.”

Foreman then continues his interview. Offering praise for our President. Stating that Trump was a major reason that Foreman was able to make his comeback when it was 42.

President Trump helped fund and promote his comeback match against Evander Holyfield. Foreman stated that he was broke and bankrupt.

Then President Trump saved him financially.

Although according to a lot of people, this is not possible because “Trump is a racist”.

He helped a legendary boxer find his much deserved comeback, not even taking his skin color into account. How racist of him.

Foreman confirms:

“He’s part of writing those checks so I could be back on the wealthy side again,”

In doing so, it looks like our President has made a life long friend.

He even offered some words of wisdom for our newly inaugurated President. Telling him to continue fighting to preserve his winning streak.

“When you’re in something like this, you just have to fight,” he said.


He continues to offer sound advice to the President. Telling him not to listen to anyone that detracts from what he is trying to do for our country.

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