VIDEOS: Protestors In St. Louis SHOCKED When Police Mace Them After Assault


I mean really how stupid do you have to be to not know that is is going to happen to you? These people think that this is a video game maybe.

The truth is that when people start to riot and throw stuff at police and barricade them and impede them from their job…THE POLICE WILL MOVE THEM AND PERHAPS EVEN ARREST THEM!


These spoiled basement dwellers have been coddled for 8 years by Obama and Pelosi and sold a bill of goods by Grandpa Bernie Sanders. The real world has actual consequences for your actions.

There is no “safe place” where you can hide from reality and not be offended. And if you go out and get physically violent with police you deserve what you get. MACED


Perhaps they feel they are comparable to Martin Luther King Jr. NOT!!!! These are overprivileged punks that are the tools of Goerge Soros and ANTIFA who have no sense or knowledge of history. MLK suffered real abuse and TOOK IT…it was called PASSIVE RESISTANCE. Sorry kids…learn something and then come back to protest because a criminal was shot while trying to kill a police officer.

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